Review : Aida (GB) | ILA French Language School in France
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Review : Aida (United kingdom)

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Aida from United kingdom - 6월 17, 2018 Stay : 1 주 - Course start : 4월 2018 Course : Accommodation : Homestay
Summary of your stay

The pace was too slow for me. The house of my host family is lovely, but I was disappointed that the family was not much with us. I choose the option 'room only' because I am vegetarian, but I hoped to have my meals with the family. So I did not practise much French at home.

Our response

Dear Aida

Thank you very much for your feedback.

If you book a 'room only' in a family you can unfortunately not expect to have meals together. Families offering this kind of formula provide the room and kitchen access. These families are often very busy and therefore offer no meals. We have a wide range of families offering half board option for Vegetarians, so this would have been a better option for you. We are sorry you did not choose this formula.

We are sorry you did not find the speed of the course fast enough, but at ILA each level is laid out for 6 weeks (apart from Beginners, 4 weeks). This is much faster than most other schools, where a level lasts for 8 - 10 weeks.

Despite this, we hope you had a great stay with us.

KInd regards